Enough with the tartans!

United Nations sustainability tartan

Despite being a true Scottish patriot, UTC has never been a huge fan of the kilt and one of his (many) pet hates is people launching ‘new’ tartans to celebrate some random achievement or ambition.

So cue an appalled look on the auld yin’s face recently when he learned of what was proclaiming to be “the world’s first tartan to showcase sustainable development goals”. Whit?

This jape apparently reminded the old boy of all those farcical Guinness Book of Records records. Back when he was a boy Guinness World Records were real records. Who could run the 100m fastest. Who could eat 10 Cream Crackers quickest. Sensible, honest records we could all relate to. That sort of stuff. These days it’s more like ‘the most Cadbury Freddos fitted into a size 9 Adidas Samba training shoe while hanging upside down between the hours of 3am and 4am on the first Wednesday in June.’

Anyway, back to this tartan, which is pictured above. Apparently, it was created for the UN to “help promote sustainability goals worldwide and demonstrate Scotland’s support for the aims”. Exactly how making patterned cloth helps achieve those aims in any way is anyone’s guess.

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