No oranges and lemons in new drink St Clement’s

St Clement's range

Barr Soft Drinks has launched St Clement’s, a new range of adult soft drinks made using a blend of bittersweet British apples, fruit juices and sparkling water.

Packaged in shelf-ready trays of 8 x 500ml glass bottles (RSP £1.59), St Clement’s is available in two flavours: Apple & Pear and Raspberry & Blackberry.

“Shopper attitudes towards drinking are changing, with one third of under 25s abstaining from drinking alcohol completely and 27% of adults drinking less alcohol,” said Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at Barr Soft Drinks.

“Our research suggests that many of these consumers still want to enjoy the social aspect of drinking and are looking for less sweet, more adult types of drinks with more sophisticated flavours.”

In the soft drinks giant’s research, 80% of consumers said they would purchase, while 70% said they would drink the product at home.

Barr’s advised retailers to stock the range in the Adult Soft Drinks fixture, adding that stocking both flavours would “boost shopper visibility and help to build incremental sales”.

For trade enquiries, retailers should call 01204 664 295.