Snack attack

Golden Wonder snacking products

With 93% of people eating snacks and two-thirds of those doing so at least once a day, the adult snacking market is a key sales and profit driver for local retailers.

Snacking remains a vital sales opportunity for retailers. According to HIM data from 2017, some 93% of people eat snacks, with 63% of those snacking at least once a day. A considerable 82% buy snacks on impulse and the food to go market is expected to grow to £41bn by 2020. The meal deal is vital to this: 46% of crisps, snacks and nuts are bought within some sort of meal deal, so a strong range offering variety to shoppers is crucial.

Scottish favourite Golden Wonder is offering retailers another tasty reason to stock its products with the launch of a new on-pack promotion with Pizza Hut Restaurants, which runs from April 14 to June 23.

Matt Smith, Marketing Director of Golden Wonder, believes the tie-in will help the range grow in Scotland and appeal to a wider demographic. He says: “As there are prizes in every pack, which are worth much more than the price of the pack itself, we are anticipating greater uplift across the convenience sector and strong repeat purchase.”

The promotion will be complemented by a heavyweight support campaign which includes TV advertising in Scotland from April 21 until June 1, as well as significant social media and public relations activity.

Also hitting the TV screens is key adult snacking brand McCoy’s. The McCoy’s Chips ‘When Flavour Calls’ ad returns in a £1.5m campaign throughout March, supported by digital and shopper activity.

The launch of Chips has contributed to the strength of the McCoy’s brand which is in double digit MAT growth of +11.3% and currently a £121m brand [Nielsen, Jan 2018].

This year McCoy’s Chips will offer better value for shoppers with an increase in the sharing bag pack size to 130g (RSP £1.50). McCoy’s Chips are also available in 70g £1 PMPs and in multipacks of six 25g packs (RSP £1.99) and in three chip shop flavours: Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Curry Sauce.

Pot Noodle, the UK’s number one Instant Hot Snack brand, is expanding its successful Pot Pasta range by adding Tomatoey Mozzarella (RSP £1.39) to the range as part of a £2m marketing investment.

The launch is supported by a media campaign that will reach 88% of its target audience through 75 million social media impressions including a bespoke Snapchat lens, 40 million out-of-home views, proximity mobile alerts around target stores, and the brand’s biggest-ever sampling campaign.

Rustlers is another adult snacking brand currently enjoying a strong period, with shoppers turning to the UK’s best-selling micro snack like never before.

The combination of a distinctive flame-grilled taste, quick cook time, competitive pricing, and standout marketing support is striking a chord with young adults who are an integral part of Rustlers core target market.

“It’s important for retailers to recognise Rustlers’ pulling power amongst young adults,” says Angela Daulby, UK Group Sales Director, Kepak Convenience Foods.

“Not only do 18 to 25-year-olds rank Rustlers as the number-one brand in its competitive set [TransgressiveX 2015], they are extremely brand loyal, with high repeat purchase rates. This means that convenience and independent retailers can stock Rustlers in the knowledge that it will appeal to young adults who shop their stores in large numbers.

“As many young adults and students shop alone, looking for affordable, single-serve snacks and meals which suit their on-the-go lifestyle, brands such as Rustlers have a key role to play in attracting them to store.”

Kepak has broadened the appeal of Rustlers with the Rustlers Gourmet range, engaging a slightly older audience of 25 to 34-year-olds and tapping into the high street trend for gourmet burgers.

The Rustlers Gourmet ‘Classic’ and ‘BBQ’ burgers are both made with 100% beef and served in a brioche bun to meet demand for more sophisticated hot food to go options.

“Rustlers Gourmet Burgers provide the premium option that many young adults are now looking for in convenience, with eight out of 10 consumers interested in experiencing the gourmet burger trend at home,” adds Daulby.

KP Nuts is also delivering growth for local retailers in the snacking arena with sales up 4% in the last year. Catering to the needs of the convenience channel, the brand offers a £1 price-marked pack range – available across its Original Salted, Dry Roasted, Salt & Vinegar and Chilli variants – delivering 67% growth to the category.