Shoppers ‘forced to buy locally’ – and they’re liking it

'shop local, shop little' poster

New research from Barclaycard has found that coronavirus is ‘forcing’ consumers to buy locally – and that they are enjoying the experience.

Shoppers across the UK are being ‘forced’ to turn to local stores and markets for their essentials and are trying to avoid stockpiling while also being increasingly aware of looking out for others in their community.

That’s part of the findings from new research from Barclaycard which suggests that over half (55%) of consumers want to increase their support of nearby businesses as a result of the lockdown – principally by using local shops and markets.

From data from across the UK, respondents in Edinburgh are the most likely to feel this way, with 65% planning to focus more of their spending locally.

Barclaycard, which processes almost half of all card transactions, found that specialist food and drink stores, such as off licences and convenience stores, saw spend grow by 30.5% in March as the nation chose to buy locally and support independent businesses.

The findings also show that 41% of people have checked in on vulnerable neighbours to see if they need help with shopping and 71% say they have made a conscious effort not to stockpile food.