SGF dismay following shopkeeper’s murder

Asad Shah

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation has expressed its utter dismay at the horrific murder of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah (pictured). The Federation, which represents over 3,000 convenience retailers across Scotland has been campaigning for increased legal protection and a safer working environment for retailers.

SGF President Abdul Majid said: “As a retailer I know that this type of horrific crime impacts not only on the victim but on their family, customers and the community. Our thoughts are with Mr Shah’s family and I can say that if there is anything we can do to assist them through our benevolent fund we will do so with the utmost urgency”.

SGF’s Chief Executive Pete Cheema added: “Our recent crime report showed that almost 25% of retailers in Scotland experience violence and intimidation on a daily basis and we are working closely with senior officers from Police Scotland to address these issues”.