Robinsons grows up

Robinsons Fruit Creations

Britvic has launched a multi-million-pound campaign to support Fruit Creations, the first in a new range of Robinsons products designed for adults.

The ‘Listen Up’ ad will air throughout the year on TV and video-on-demand. It features a young girl who introduces the benefits of the new range to surprised adults in a series of grown-up situations. The campaign aims to drive awareness of the new range and encourage more adults to integrate the new, “grown-up” Robinsons into their daily drinking habits.

The campaign is bolstered with Facebook, social, PR and experiential activity. The next stage starts in March with the launch of Robinsons Fruit Cordial.

Matt Barwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Britvic, said: “Kids are currently seen as the main consumers of squash, so the creative is designed to help land the new adult proposition in a way that’s new for Robinsons and entertaining for adults, using the disarming wisdom of children. With a staggering three million glasses of Robinsons squash being drunk every day in Britain, who better than our child squash experts to educate adults about the great taste of new Robinsons Fruit Creations?”

Fruit Creations is a new sub-brand for Robinsons. The range contains no added sugar and falls under the sugar tax threshold. Variants contain twice the fruit of the brand’s core squash range.

Available in 1-litre bottles (RSP £1.99), there are nine flavours: Zesty Orange & Mango; Rich Pear, Blackcurrant & Cherry with Barley; Delicious Peach & Raspberry; Crisp Apple & Elderflower with Barley; Luscious Strawberry & Kiwi with Barley; Exotic Pineapple Mango & Passionfruit; Juicy Raspberry & Cranberry with Barley; Juicy Orange, Mandarin & Lime; and Fresh Pear & Blueberry.