Regional suppliers at the touch of button, from Costcutter

Following the launch of its direct supplier directory Costcutter Supermarkets Group has unveiled a dedicated website giving retailers instant access to regional suppliers from across the United Kingdom.
The direct supplier directory was launched in August and is available to all Costcutter Supermarkets Group members. The quarterly publication, which features over 550 direct suppliers, has now been enhanced with the launch of a new direct supply website. The website – accessed via the existing retailer portal – gives members instant access to suppliers featured in the directory, with the ability to filter by region and product category to assist ease of use.
Richard Nicholson, Trading Manager at Costcutter Supermarkets Group, said: “The direct supplier directory was extremely well received by our members and with the launch of this new website we have further enhanced the usability of the service. The website presents a unique opportunity for our members to connect directly with high quality regional and local suppliers who can showcase their varied products and services.”
In addition to the quarterly directory retailers also gain instant access to live promotions and the ability to order directly from key suppliers, which is then centrally invoiced by Costcutter Supermarkets Group to minimise paperwork for its members.
Nicholson added: “Consumers are increasingly keen to know the providence of their goods and want to help support their local economies. They are, however, still price sensitive on these products which is why Costcutter Supermarkets Group has worked closely with suppliers to deliver great value for our members and customers, whilst not harming supplier margins.”

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