Cactus Fruit blossoms for Red Bull

Red Bull Cactus Fruit Summer Edition

Cactus Fruit, Red Bull’s latest Summer Edition which first launched in March 2021, has been made a permanent SKU.

Red Bull Cactus Fruit will be available from November 2021 in both plain and £1.35 price-marked 250ml cans.

The variant delivers the same functional benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink, along with a burst of berry flavour that blooms into an exotic fruit and violet flower taste.

Cactus Fruit drove category growth within Sports & Energy throughout the summer, with over 1.5 million cans sold, accounting for 29% of Red Bull Edition’s £7.3m value growth. It is now the second-bestselling Edition behind the Red Edition, and will appear alongside it and other permanent SKUs in the range, including Coconut Berry and Tropical.

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