Recruitment drive was best-one ever

Best-one storefront

Best-one signed up 60 ex-Costcutter and Mace stores in February during its most successful recruitment drive ever.

Bestway Wholesale said retailers switched their stores to its symbol group after receiving “fantastic support” from its depots and field sales staff following the collapse of P&H last November.

Tony Holmes, Sales Director for Bestway Wholesale said he was overwhelmed by the feedback received from former Costcutter and Mace members.

“They were badly let down in the supply chain, but the vast majority were disillusioned that they received no communication or support. Retailers need wholesale partners who want to provide great service, not just lip service,” he said.

“The new members appreciated the effort our sales team put in and that gave them an insight in to how we work with best-one members and the scale and scope of the business. For many it was a real eye opener on how Bestway could add value to their business and drive sales.”