Pork Farms rolls a six to start campaign

Kim Burgess

Pork pie manufacturer, Pork Farms, has teamed up with the body behind Britain’s micropub movement, the Micropub Association, to launch the National Board Games Championships in a bid to find the UK’s king or queen of board games.

Pork Farms, owned by the Addo Food Group, will launch of a round of heats at over 40 micropubs across the country. The winner will be crowned during National Board Games Week, starting on 25th April.

The heats will take place on 14th-20th March, where the quickest players and the sharpest minds will battle it out to reach the regional quarter-finals before the semi-finalists come together at the grand final, to be held at the ‘One Inn the Wood’ micropub in Orpington, Kent.

Kim Burgess (pictured), Head of Markets for Addo Food Group said: “We believe that everyone in the UK should be proud to be British and those little things that make us who we are.

“Britons love board games and enjoy time spent with loved ones, so why not celebrate this, and who better than a well-loved British brand like Pork Farms to deliver it!”

Micropub Association Co-Founder, Stu Hirst, added: “Lively conversation and banter are at the heart of a great pub and we are absolutely delighted to be part of this exciting national initiative.”

The campaign is one of a number of marketing initiatives for the Addo Food Group over the coming year.