Pork Farms launches Sweet Chilli Topped Pies

Pork Farms Topped Pies

Addo Food Group has unveiled new Sweet Chilli Topped Mini Pork Pies. Part of the Pork Farms Topped Pies range, the new variant is available now from McColls and Nisa at a £1 introductory price.

Addo’s customer feedback revealed that variety and new flavours are high on the list of demands across the chilled savoury pastry category. The Pork Farms Topped Pies range bids to tap into this growing trend for twists on classic favourites, with Sweet Chilli being the latest addition.

Kim Burgess, Head of Markets at Addo Food Group said: “We have found that our customers enjoy the debate of ‘How do you eat yours?’ and ‘Which accompaniment is the perfect match to the pork pie’. Our chefs at Pork Farms have listened to our customers by developing the Sweet Chilli Topped Pies, meeting ‘foodie’ credentials and delivering the mini Topped Pies as the perfect new picnic and party food.”

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