Pie World Champ soon to be named

Keen Under the Counter readers will be aware that he’s been keeping a keen eye on the World Scotch Pie Championships – primarily because he is hoping Mrs UTC will win and he can finally retire and live off her for once.

The deadline for entries has now passed, and as UTC awaits the announcement with baited breath, he spoke to to 2010 champion Graham Murdoch, who now sells his pies by mail order they’re so popular. He said: “I would say our win has really helped us reach our potential and to encourage more people to try something new. Nothing works better that an accolade from peers to give people a gentle push to try a pie.”

And in a major development, The Scotch Pie Club revealed that helping judge a record 500 pies, would be former Dunfermline Athletic football manager and Provost of Fife Jim Leishman.
Stay tuned to find out if Mrs UTC has won – if there’s a blank page here next month, you’ll know she has.

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