PayPoint criticised for raising charges

PayPoint One terminal

PayPoint is to increase its service fee charge by 3.9% next month, despite opposition from the NFRN.

Letters are being sent to PayPoint customers advising that, as in past years, the company has reviewed its service fee charges in line with the Retail Price Index that stood at 7.8%.

However, PayPoint says that in recognition “of the broader cost pressures for our retailer partners, we feel it would not be right or appropriate to apply this in full” and is raising its charge by 3.9%, absorbing any additional burden.

NFRN National President, Narinder Randhawa, said: “As each day goes by, it seems that independent retailers are being hit with one blow after another. We are already expecting huge hikes to our energy bills from April, coupled with increases in the minimum wage and associated employer contributions and the reintroduction of business rates.

He added: “When we were first told of its plans, we thought we had made it clear that we vehemently disagreed with it. It is very disappointing, then, that PayPoint is pushing ahead with any increase at such an economically challenging time for independent retailers everywhere.”