Nisa supports retailers and store workers

Nisa is partnering with GroceryAid to increase awareness of the range of wellbeing resources available to its retailers and their employees.

The symbol group’s field team has been handing out posters and leaflets to existing Nisa retailers and encouraging them to place them in areas visible to employees.

GroceryAid material has also been added to Nisa’s induction packs to make new retailers aware of the support available to them.

Matthew Howie, Nisa retail development manager covering southern Scotland, is the GroceryAid lead for Nisa and a member of the GroceryAid Scotland committee. He said: “As independent retailers many partners don’t have obvious support for their wellbeing, but GroceryAid exists to provide that and it’s really important that as a symbol group, we share with them the tools that are available and at their disposal.”

Retailers can also read about GroceryAid in Nisa’s monthly Consortium magazine and via the Nisa order capture system.

Howie added: “GroceryAid is a really underutilised tool that we want our partners to be aware of. We work in a diverse industry where you will have many different people with different outlooks on life. Some people will bottle it up, some will be open and ask for advice. So, it’s about building that relationship with our partners so they feel they can reach out and speak about it.”

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