‘Nice Kestrel, mate’

For anyone familiar with the glorious game of golf, they’ll be aware of the euphoric feeling that comes with sinking that birdie putt. If they’re able to play to UTC’s calibre, they may even know the glory that comes with getting an eagle. And if you watch golf religiously on the telly, you may even have, once, witnessed a top pro shooting an albatross. Not literally, obviously.

That wouldn’t make for good TV at all. Anyway, such is the popularity of bird-related names for scoring under par on a hole, the ingenious bods at Kestrel Premium Lager are launching a national marketing campaign that champions renaming golf’s most coveted prize, the famous ‘hole in one’, to scoring a ‘Kestrel’ in order to raise awareness for dwindling populations numbers of the similarly-monikered bird of prey. They’ve certainly got UTC’s backing.

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