Rabbits rampant in Nestlé’s spring range

Smarties bunnies

Nestlé has unveiled its Easter 2020 collection, headlined by a new range of novelties from Smarties.

New Smarties Bunnies consists of five characters, each one a different colour: Cool (blue), Cute (pink), Smart (green), Happy (yellow) and Silly (orange). Each bunny comprises of a chocolate shell with mini Smarties inside. They will be available in a range of sizes to suit shopper needs, including impulse 18.5g (RSP 65p), impulse multipack (RSP £2), small novelty 50g (RSP £1.49) and medium novelty 94g (RSP £2.49). Plus, there is also the Bunny Family Gift Pack which contains one 94g bunny and three 18.5g impulse bunnies (RSP £3.99). Stock is available from 16 December.

The Mini Eggs category will see the launch of Aero Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (RSP £1). Consisting of a milk chocolate shell and Aero’s familiar bubbly centre, these mini eggs will join Smarties Mini Eggs and Milkybar Mini Eggs.

New to giant eggs this year is the Milkybar Mix Ups Giant Egg (RSP £7.49), which includes a Mix Ups 95g sharing bag. Each bag contains a mix of classic Milkybar white chocolate buttons with a cocoa filling and milk chocolate buttons with a milky filling.

In the premium eggs category Aero will introduce the brand new Aero Bliss premium egg (RSP £10). It comes complete with a box of Aero Bliss chocolates. The mixed box offers a selection of individually wrapped, smooth milk chocolates filled with a cocoa, salted caramel or praline aerated centre with the addition of delicate crispy pieces.

Other eggs in Nestlé’s range include the Milkybar small egg (RSP £1.73) as well as medium and large eggs from Kitkat Chunky and Smarties. These both RSP at £2.92 and £5.41 respectively.

For further information call 020 8667 6005.