Mini Babybel gets wrapped up for winter

Mini Babybel

Mini Babybel is getting a Christmas makeover, with seasonal packaging featuring 12 different winter characters.

Each cheese will have its own personality and wintery style, including ‘the ice-skater’ and ‘the chilly’.

Chloé Féminier, Head of Insight and Planning at Bel UK, commented: “Mini Babybel’s themed packaging helps retailers enter into the Christmas season and encourages that all-important engagement from consumers. Mini Babybel is dedicated to bringing fun and enjoyment to every snacking occasion and the visually impactful winter themed packaging will be launched at a time when consumers are excited by brands who choose to engage the festive spirit.”

The three Mini Babybel Christmas formats will be available from the 21st November 2016 until the first week of January 2017. A net of six rrps at £1.85, nine at £2.45 and 12 at £3.15.