Mars throws two new flavours into the mix

Galaxy and Skittles cookie mixes

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has extended its range of cookie mixes with the launch of new Galaxy Double Chocolate Brownie Mix and Skittles Cookie Mix.

The baking mixes, initially launched in September 2016, add two more confectionery brands to the cookie mix line-up. The full range also includes Bounty, Galaxy and M&M’s.

The Galaxy Double Chocolate Brownie Mix makes 12 brownies with real Galaxy chocolate chips inside and the Skittles variant makes eight fruit flavoured cookies filled with, you guessed it, the colours of the rainbow.

Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, commented: “By adding even more familiar confectionery favourites to our cookie mixes range, we hope to provide even more consumer appeal and drive category growth further.”

Galaxy Brownie Mix (RSP £2.38) and Skittles Cookie Mix (RSP £1.84) are both available now.