Cathedral City with Crackers & Pickle relaunches as Lunch Pack

Cathedral City Lunch Pack

Dairy Crest has relaunched its Cathedral City with Crackers & Pickle under the new name ‘Lunch Pack’.

A refreshed packaging design accompanies the somewhat snappier title.

The snack retains the same product contents and quality, but has a noticeable reduction in packaging size. This delivers a more compact, handbag-friendly product for consumers and a reduced shelf footprint for retailers.

Anca Lazar, Brand Manager Cathedral City Snacking at Dairy Crest, commented: “With 45% of adults snacking on cheese at least once a week, over half of these occasions being at lunchtime, there is a clear imperative for retailers to range inspiring adult cheese snacks that cater to the growing lunchtime food to go trade.

“Our latest relaunch seeks to address this, offering consumers a convenient, nutritious and substantial sandwich alternative to shake up their lunch choice.

“The Lunch Pack’s new packaging and identity improve on design, environmental impact and merchandising efficiency whilst maintaining the Cathedral City product quality that consumers know and love. We are confident that the changes we are making will tick the boxes for shoppers and retailers alike.”

New packs are available now.