Lucozade Energy releases special edition Grafruitti flavour

Bottle of Lucozade Energy Grafruitti

Lucozade Energy is extending its wide range of flavours with a new variant called Grafruitti, a mixed berry and citrus combination.

Corrine Hopwood, Lucozade Marketing Director, is hoping that the launch will disrupt shoppers and encourage impulse purchasing.

She said: “Our launches are driven from consumer insight and we have seen the excitement generated when launching new variants, particularly through social channels. Acting on this, we will continue innovating and investing in NPD as the year goes on.”

New variants from Lucozade Energy delivered £18m in value within the sports and energy category last year.

In-store POS will be available through the Lucozade field sales team and the new launch will be supported with a consumer-facing social media campaign.

The special edition will be available in three formats for impulse: 380ml PMP 95p, 380ml at rrp 95p and 500ml rrp at £1.15.