Londis launches sandwich range

Londis has launching a new range of own brand sandwiches under their lunchtime brand Good to Go. In line with increasing shopper demands for quality and value, rrps have been lowered and many of the key ingredients are British including all cheese, chicken and ham.

DonalHorgan,MDfor Budgens and Londis said: “The new range brings further opportunity for Budgens and Londis retailers to benefit from the lunchtime opportunity. The Good to Go brand ties in with shopper’s lunchtime mentality and will help drive sales and profitability for Budgens and Londis retailers in this category which is seeing growth in the market of around 2%.”

The thirteen lines consist of the flavours which made up 88% of all sales in the previous range and are all available in single pick, enabling retailers to reduce waste and range appropriately.

To develop the new range, Musgrave has partnered with Melton Foods, which also supplies Waitrose and the increased focus on quality and provenance is highlighted on the packaging through Made inBritainstamps.

The packaging design also incorporates colour coding by protein type to provide easy filling selection by the shopper and a clear window design showcases the product quality.

Horgan added: “Stocking quality own brand products is essential for every independent retailer if they are to meet shopper expectations and benefit from the margin opportunities own brand brings. It’s an area of significant focus for both Budgens and Londis brands ensuring that retailers have the right ranges available to them for their shopper demographics.”

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