‘Leave promos alone’, SGF warns Government

John Lee

Scottish Grocers Federation has warned the Scottish Government that imposing restrictions on promotions would have considerable costs to convenience retailers and would damage a store’s ability to tailor to meet customer demands and expectations.

SGF was responding to the government’s consultation on a new Diet and Obesity Strategy. The submission also highlighted a lack of any real evidence that restricting promotions would have a positive effect on diet-related health.

SGF Head of Public Affairs Dr John Lee (pictured) said: “Promotions enable retailers to differentiate themselves, stay competitive and respond to the needs of their customers. It is important that the government accurately understands the role and context that convenience stores play in relation to customers daily lives and shopping habits.”

The Scottish Local Shop Report 2017 – produced jointly by SGF and ACS – shows that for a typical Scottish c-store the fruit and vegetable category contributes more to sales volumes than soft drinks and confectionery. Fruit and veg makes up 6.4% of sales compared to 5.9% for soft drinks and 5.3% for confectionery.