Laughing Cow craves to be seen

Mini Cravings puppets

Bel UK brand, The Laughing Cow has revealed details of a £2m advertising campaign for its Mini Cravings format, with a new commercial hitting the nation’s TV screens from 12th October.

The ad features a range of animated puppets which bring to life the emotions experienced when encountering a craving. Each puppet is linked to the range of Mini Cravings flavours, including Original, Herb and Cheese variants.

The adult cheese snacking market, worth almost £17m, has experienced dynamic growth in 2015 with a number of new trends emerging, which Bel UK says provides the perfect opportunity to spotlight the new format of Mini Cravings.

Senior Brand Manager at Bel UK, Alessandra Laraud commented, “Our brand-new TV campaign demonstrates our confidence in the product and forms a key part of our overall marketing strategy to raise awareness and inform the target demographic of this innovative snack option. The light-hearted tone of the campaign directly appeals to our female ‘happy grazer’ audience, delivering great taste in a unique format.”