Kinder unveils ‘A Little, A Lot’

Still from Kinder's 'A little, a lot' ad

Kinder Chocolate is celebrating the fact that the little things really can mean a lot as part of its new global masterbrand strategy.

Entitled ‘A Little, A Lot’, the new campaign targets parents celebrating special family moments with a multi-channel £3.3m media investment.

This includes a new ad that features a small boy who is unable to choose appropriate clothing and always wears a dinosaur costume no matter what – be it school, a wedding or a trip to the swimming pool. His unnervingly laid-back dad finally takes pity on the hapless young chap and rewards him with a trip to a museum to see some dinosaur remains. A bar of Kinder is unsurprisingly also part of the deal.

Levi Boorer, Customer Development Director at brand owner Ferrero, said “Having a proven, global initiative underpinning all Kinder Chocolate activations in the UK and Ireland is a first for the Kinder Chocolate brand. The alignment will help reiterate to shoppers the role that Kinder and its brands play in creating special moments of connection amongst family members.”