JTI resumes store visits

Ross Hennessy

Because of the improving Covid-19 situation and updated national guidelines, JTI’s salesforce will resume its field sales activities from Monday 15 March.

The move follows a detailed review of the situation and, to incorporate the new guidelines, JTI has carried out a full risk assessment to keep its employees and trade partners safe.

Strict guidelines are in place including the use of approved PPE, increased social distancing measures, and where possible, reps aim to pre-plan any store visits and in-call objectives ahead of arrival.

On arrival, reps will respect a store’s individual guidelines to ensure that they, retailers and customers are always adhering to the government rules and safety measures with limited disruption to businesses.

Ross Hennessy (pictured), JTI UK’s Sales Vice President, commented: “We are committed to providing support to all trade partners via our dedicated salesforce and we would encourage any account who requires assistance to either contact their JTI representative by phone, visit our trade website JTI Advance or call the Customer Care Line on 0800 163503.

“The current situation is clearly unprecedented; however, we are determined to continue to support our trade partners through this period of uncertainty.”