Irn-Bru launches energy drink

Irn Bru Energy

In what will probably be the biggest product launch to hit Scotland in 2019, Barr Soft Drinks has unveiled Irn-Bru Energy.

Irn-Bru Energy will be available from 1 July in outers of 12 x 330ml sleek cans in regular (RSP £1.19 or 99p PMP) and no-sugar (RSP £1.09 or 89p PMP) variants.

Barr’s decision to opt for one of the more exotic pack formats coupled with the striking design, which sees the famous strongman given centre stage, should ensure cans stand out in chillers.

The new drink combines the flavour of Irn-Bru with the taurine, caffeine, B vitamins and taste of an energy drink. SLR has sampled both variants and can report that, if you like Irn-Bru and you like energy drinks, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

The company’s research would seem to back this up. Jonathan Kemp, Barr Soft Drinks Commercial Director, said: “We know that shoppers love to try something new from Irn-Bru and in consumer research, three out of four energy drinkers in Scotland said they would buy the product, and 75% said they would choose an Irn-Bru energy drink over other energy drinks.”

The launch will be supported by a nationwide marketing campaign that runs from the end of July. This will include targeted digital and social media activity complemented by bus and high street advertising.

The launch of Irn-Bru Energy builds on the success of recent Irn-Bru NPD. Irn-Bru Xtra was the No.1 soft drink launch in Scotland in the year it was introduced. It sold three million units in the first 13 weeks, with 75% of shopper spend incremental to the category.

“We’re confident that demand for both of the new Irn-Bru Energy products will be high, as four out of five energy drinks bought currently are regular and the low-calorie energy market is growing 16 times faster than the full sugar sector,” added Kemp.

Barr Soft Drinks advised retailers to merchandise both variants of new Irn-Bru Energy in the ‘On the Go’ section of their chiller next to other energy products, to offer shopper choice and drive incremental sales.