Hot and tasty…and so’s the pizza

Back in UTC’s day it was the dance halls where a lad went a courting, and if he was lucky, he got a winch before the night bus home. Changed days it would seem with supermarkets now found to the new place to find a date. Research from shopper marketing app Shopitize has claimed that one in eight people have given their number to a fellow shopper. While UTC isn’t disputing this, he’s never in his puff been asked for his digits, not even when he’s been in the pizza aisle at 6.38pm – which incidentally is the prime time for finding love in the supermarket, and the pizza aisle is, ahem, “the biggest hotbed of supermarket flirting”. Aye well, the closest thing UTC’s seen to flirting in the pizza aisle was when a young lassie and her presumably future lover had a fight over the last Pepperoni.

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