Spar trials new Healthy Living Programme stands

Healthy Living stands

Twelve Spar Scotland stores have launched a trial of the SGF Healthy Living Programme’s new in-store stands.

Each stand is merchandised with the same range of healthy products including loose fresh fruit, water, porridge and more. Spar Scotland is monitoring sales throughout the trial to see what impact the stands have in store.

Gillian Edgar, Field Manager from the SGF Healthy Living Programme, said: “The Healthy Living Programme are excited to be given the opportunity to trial our new stands with Spar Scotland. The trial will see the stores promoting not only fresh produce but other healthier products at the front of the store. This is a positive example of how Spar Scotland is taking on the role of responsible retailing and ensuring their customers have a healthier option to choose from.”

The Healthy Living Programme has been working with convenience retailers since 2004 and highlights fruit, vegetables and healthier products available in stores.

The programme is fully funded by the Scottish Government and aims to connect local schools with convenience retailers. So far it has engaged with over 13,000 schoolchildren across the country.