Hat trick of colours for sweet potato chips

Scott Farms Sweet Potato Chips

Scott Farms is launching a three-colour pack of sweet potato crisps made from orange, purple and white flesh sweet potato varieties.

The crisps – or chips as the US grower calls them – are the first to feature three different sweet potato varieties in one bag. The chips, which are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, are free of VAT and offer convenience stores a different snack not listed in the supermarkets. Each sweet potato variety has a distinctive colour, taste and texture, are sliced in their skins and hand cooked in small batches using sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt.

Stan Smith, CEO of Scott Farms, commented: “Our original Orange sweet potato chips have been extremely well received by consumers who love the fact that we grow the sweet potatoes, hand select them and cook them here in the UK.  We are now doing exactly the same with our purple and white varieties, so we have absolute control of provenance from seed to pack – something we think no other vegetable crisp producer can claim.”

Scott Farms International has seen significant year on year growth in sales of sweet potatoes which are fast becoming a staple for many consumers.  This was confirmed recently when the Office for National Statistics added sweet potatoes to its shopping basket of items used to show Britain’s changing shopping habits. The company is continuing to invest in its ‘Love Sweet Potatoes’ marketing campaign and will be supporting the launch with sampling at events, social media and PR.

The company believes that adding the three colour variant is creating a range which, when stocked together, will encourage consumers to make multiple purchases, driving profits for convenience retailers.

Both the Orange and Three Colour variants are available in 40g bags (rrp 99p – £1.09) or 100g sharing bags (rrp £1.99 – £2.09). 40g bags are packed in cases of 24 and 100g in cases of 12, and are available from wholesalers nationally.