Häagen-Dazs ditches plastic spoons

Haagen-Dazs ice cream

Häagen-Dazs has stopped including a single-use plastic spoon in its mini cup multipacks.

The luxury ice cream brand estimates this will save 126 tonnes of plastic and will prevent the distribution of around 30 million plastic spoons in the UK alone on an annual basis.

This removal is the first step for Häagen-Dazs on a comprehensive journey to become more sustainable. There are more milestones to be announced later this year.

Furthermore, the brand is pledging to produce 100% recyclable packaging by 2022, a change that will save 1,700 tonnes of plastic on a global scale. By 2025, it aims to be plastic-free across its entire portfolio.

Kat Jones, Marketing Manager at Häagen-Dazs UK, said: “As a category leader we wanted to demonstrate our true commitment towards a more sustainable future. Removing non-recyclable plastic from every mini cup multipack is the right first step.

“Our journey to becoming more sustainable is an ongoing process, but we’re dedicated to exploring additional options to further reduce the environmental impact of our products.”

The first mini cup multipacks without plastic spoons are currently available.