Grocery prices fall in July


Grocery prices in July fell by 1% month on month according to data from groceries website

After a small rise in June – the first increase in price in 2015 – prices continued to fall from £86.84 for an average basket of products in June, to £86.11, a weekly saving of 73p.

When compared to 12 months ago the same basket in July 2014 was 6% more expensive at £91.39, resulting in a saving for shoppers of over £5.

mySupermarket’s Groceries Tracker monitors the cost of the same 35 most commonly bought grocery products and publishes the prices on a monthly basis.

The products that decreased the most in July compared to June were bananas (-4%), fresh peppers (-4%) and tomatoes (-3%). The items that increased the most in the last month included broccoli (3%), mushrooms (3%) and deli bacon & ham (2%).

Unsurprisingly, given the dismal summer weather, the research also revealed that the price of the most popular ice creams in July fell 4%. The study of the most popular 40 branded ice creams show significant drops compared to last year with Cornetto Mint Cones down 18% to £1.51, Oreo Vanilla Ice Cream Cones down 17% to £1.79 and Magnum Mini Double Caramel & Double Chocolate down 16% to £2.74.

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