FSS offers free online allergy training

preparing food

Food Standards Scotland has developed a new online training tool to improve awareness about food allergens in manufacturing and catering settings.

The free tool, which should be of interest to retailers with a food-to-go offer, comprises six modules and covers:

  1. Legal requirements when selling food containing allergens
  2. Physical reactions when people with allergies are exposed to allergens
  3. Areas where allergens can impact in manufacturing and catering settings
  4. Food labelling guidelines
  5. Food composition
  6. Providing consumers with allergen information

Modules are designed so progress can be saved and returned to at a later stage, allowing users to learn at their own pace and take advantage of any available training time.

Environmental Health Officer Chris Seyfried said the tool was a “fantastic resource” for businesses to use to ensure compliance with current allergen legislation.

He added: “The tool format is accessible, split into several different modules which can be printed and digested in your own time. At the end of each module there is a multiple-choice quiz that will help to consolidate any learning from the module and consider how it would apply to practice.”