Fresh Foster’s films feature founders

Rick Edwards pumps iron

Foster’s is back on screens this month with a series of short films telling the story of its founders, brothers William and Ralph Foster. TV presenter Rick Edwards, of Freshly Squeezed fame, recreates the trials that the brothers endured 127 years ago to create Foster’s lager.

The films, which aim to provide a real insight into the Australian brand, see Rick undertaking a series of challenges ranging from transporting giant blocks of ice and constructing machinery involved in the brewing process, to tracking down Australian yeast.

Ifeoma Dozie, Brand Director at Heineken, said: “The story behind a brand is becoming an increasingly important factor for consumers when choosing a lager. We’re confident our partnership with Rick will help the brand connect to a new generation of consumers and raise the profile of the brand and its heritage among a younger audience.”

Rick Edwards added: “Beer is close to my heart, and ice-cold beer even more so. I definitely have a new found respect for Foster’s, having experienced first-hand how much dedication went into the brewing process all those years ago.”

The films are available to view on YouTube and across Foster’s social media channels.