Flora updates packs in praise of plants

New Flora pack

Flora has launched new packaging to celebrate the plant-based ingredients that go into each of its tubs.

Available now, with an RSP starting from £1.17, the new packaging features a simple, premium and contemporary design that highlights the brand’s ‘made with plants’ credentials whilst maintaining brand familiarity.

Individual health benefits and USPs of each variant are also called out on-pack, including Original’s heart healthy seed oil blend and Dairy Free’s vegan-friendly composition that taps into health-conscious consumers who are looking for alternative spreads.

Clare Preedy, Senior Marketing Manager for Flora at Unilever UK, said: “We are proud of the plant-based goodness that goes into every tub of Flora, which is why we have decided to completely refresh our packaging. The new style is set to reinforce the health, quality and taste attributes of Flora, to enhance its appeal to existing brand fans as well as attract the growing number of people turning to increasingly free-from diets within the UK.”