Accolade launches Echo Falls Botanicals

Echo Falls Botanicals

Accolade Wines has unveiled a new range under its Echo Falls brand.

Echo Falls Botanicals (ABV 5.5%) is available from 20 May to Nisa retailers in 75cl bottles (RSP £4.50) in two flavours: Melon & Mint and Raspberry & Lavender.

The bottles will be the first in the Echo Falls portfolio to feature a refreshed label design.

The new range is targeted at the generation-z and millennial audiences that are driving current consumer interest in botanicals.

Caroline Thompson-Hill, European Marketing Director at Accolade Wines, commented: “The new Botanicals range demonstrates that Echo Falls has listened to its shoppers by bringing a refreshing and innovative style to customers, which also caters to the growing NoLo category driven primarily by younger consumers.”

For further information, retailers should email