New Dr. Oetker kit is out of this world

Dr. Oetker solar system cupcake kit

Home baking brand Dr. Oetker has expanded its ‘Spectacular Science!’ cupcake mix range with a new create-your-own-solar-system cupcake kit: Spectacular Science! Solar System.

Aimed at parents who want to introduce a fun learning experience when baking with their children, the Solar System mix comes with everything needed to bake 12 cupcakes and decorate them to look like the planets in our solar system.

The pack includes an activity sheet, which offers a step-by-step guide through the baking and decorating processes. Bakers will be able to mix different coloured icings together to create all the planets in the solar system or instead use their imaginations to make their own creations.

The Spectacular Science! Solar System mix has an RSP of £2.50.

Jen Brown, Head of Marketing, Cake & Dessert at Dr. Oetker UK, said: “While space as a theme is part of most children’s curriculum at school, at home it’s a fantastic topic for activities, particularly when it comes to home baking. It’s fun and exciting for the kids, and it also means parents can add an educational element to after school activities, stimulating their imagination and encouraging creativity.

“The Spectacular Science! Solar System mix comes with everything you need to bake 12 planet themed cupcakes, all you need is to add milk, eggs and butter. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to inspire creativity in their kids as they create their own designs, while still retaining a strong learning element.”