Digital wallets launched for DRS pilot

Sustainable payments provider HELPFUL and Mastercard have launched the first ever digital wallets and micropayments for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme pilot.

The system, designed to make it easier to collect rewards for returning single-use plastic bottles, will reward users with 20p for each bottle collected.

HELPFUL is trialling its digital wallets and micropayments in Glasgow. Consumers will be digitally rewarded for every container they return through their ‘Recycle Glasgow’ app, which makes recycling single-use plastic bottles as simple as scanning the barcode on the bottle, returning the bottle into a smart recycling bin or handing it to the shopkeeper, and getting the 20p refund into their HELPFUL digital wallet.

Consumers can download the Recycle Glasgow app from their app store and return their plastic bottle to one of the participating conveniences stores across the city. For every bottle recycled a tree will be planted via Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition.

Founder of HELPFUL, Evan Michaels, said: “We will be working within the local communities and local schools to help educate and inspire action, as well as enabling recycling funds to go to schools and charitable causes.”