Darwin £10 note almost extinct

Darwin £10 note

The Bank of England’s paper £10 note featuring Charles Darwin will stop being legal tender on March 1. From March 2, retailers will no longer have to accept the note as payment.

With five weeks until the note’s withdrawal from circulation, the Bank of England is urging retailers to clear out safes and start banking its paper tenners.

It’s also worth checking if your bank will continue to accept the notes after the withdrawal date. If you do get stuck with some, then the Bank of England will always exchange them.

A replacement plastic ‘Jane Austen’ £10 note has been in circulation since last autumn, and a guide to its security features is available online.

The Darwin tenners were first issued in November 2000. It would no doubt please the naturalist, best-known for his theory regarding evolution, to learn that the notes bearing his image will be recycled and used as compost on farms.