The Collective launches the Yog Squad

Yog Squad ad

Yogurt brand The Collective has launched its first masterbrand campaign, which introduces UK consumers to the Yog Squad.

The campaign emphasises how yogurt can provide something delicious to eat for everyone, and entices all those in search for healthy, luxurious food items that don’t compromise on taste, to join the Yog Squad.

It includes out-of-home, digital media and shopper marketing activity.

This initial launch will be followed by two subsequent bursts of activity to increase brand awareness, with refreshed packaging set to be rolled out later this year to ensure visual alignment across all The Collective’s products, while also encouraging families and friends to set up their own Yog Squads.

The brand says the squads will enable the coming together of communities that appreciate naturally great-tasting food, as well as enabling these groups to “act as wider forces for good”, for example, volunteering support for local charities.

Emma Gooden, Head of Marketing of The Collective UK, said: “We are incredibly excited to be launching our first ever masterbrand campaign in the UK. At The Collective, we are on a mission to deliver taste and exciting eating experiences for everyone – with ranges for adults, kids and now dairy-free too, we are inviting everyone to join The Collective and be part of our yog squad.”