Coke rolls out new PMPs


Coca-Cola European Partners has lowered the price-marks across its portfolio of cola PMPs to cater for a rise in home consumption caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – including cherry and vanilla-flavoured variants – and Diet Coke are now available in £1.75 price-marked 1.75-ltr bottles, while 1.5-ltr bottles of Coca-Cola Original Taste and Coca-Cola Cherry are now available in £1.95 PMPs.

Sales of larger packs have increased in recent weeks at the expense of on-the-go formats.

However, as lockdown measures begin to ease, demand for smaller formats will rise again. To that end, 500ml bottles of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – including cherry and vanilla flavours – now come in a £1 PMP, as do Diet Coke Sublime Lime and Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry.

Plain packs are also available.