Coke Energy debuts cherry flavour

Coca-Cola Energy cherry flavour

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has built on the launch of Coca-Cola Energy, which clocked up almost £4m worth of sales in 2019, by unveiling a new cherry-flavoured variant to broaden the appeal of the range.

The launch comes as Coca-Cola Energy and Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar benefit from the addition of extra Coca-Cola taste. Also, the cans now have an enhanced look and feel that draws greater distinction between the two variants.

The can design of Coca-Cola Energy Cherry reflects the rest of the range but comes in pink to deliver maximum on shelf stand out.

All variants come with branded shipper trays that help deliver further stand-out in the chiller. Bold new POS is also available.

The three-strong Coca-Cola Energy range will be supported by a multi-million-pound marketing campaign kicking off in April which includes out-of-home advertising and distribution of more than a million samples.

Simon Harrison, Vice President, Commercial Development at CCEP, said: “With cherry flavoured colas worth £160m and taking the mantle as the most preferred cola flavour in GB, Coca-Cola Energy Cherry will help the range appeal to a broader audience of both cola and energy drinkers. This new flavour variant in combination with the extra Coca-Cola taste of the original variants and new look cans will no doubt help fuel sales for retailers this year and beyond.”

For more information, retailers should call 0808 1 000 000 or email