Clarity, consistency and alcohol

It’s not often that UTC agrees with drinks industry watchdog The Portman Group – in fact no one at SLR Towers can remember it ever happening before – but the auld yin found himself in complete agreement with The Portman Group’s public call for “clarity and consistency” when it comes to how drinks companies label their low or no alcohol products.

“It’s so important that the labelling is clear and easy to understand otherwise consumers can easily be misled,” said UTC to a stunned office.

Turns out he had spent his last fiver on the way home from the pub on Friday night on a heavily-discounted 4-pack of Becks Blue – without realising he’d just coughed for some alcohol-free beer.

He went on to add: “I mean, is there no a law that says they need to make it obvious that this stuff’s no got alcohol in it? That’s a liberty, that.”

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