Cashing in on slush at Woodlands

Snowshock slush machine

With warmer weather on the way we’re planning on cashing in on high margin sales with a new slush machine from Snowshock. Bring on the sunshine!

by Antony Begley

It’s always dangerous to rely on warm weather in Scotland but it’s fingers crossed for a decent summer this year. One of the categories which always performs well in hot summer weather is slush – so we’ve got ourselves a new slush machine from specialists Snowshock.

Kids love slush when the sun’s out but what really attracted us is the massive 77% average profit margin available. With so many categories delivering very low profit margins these days it’s great to have a category to balance that out.

The machine is easy to fill, easy to clean and easy to use. We’ve gone for a two chamber machine that lets allows us to offer two different flavours from the range of 12 available. (For larger stores a three chamber machine is available.) We’ve started off with Strawberry and Bubblegum – and the great news is that we’re already selling them in decent quantities.

The machine has a prominent position behind the till and is highly visible to the may schoolchildren that visit the store. We offer slush in two sizes – small and a large – and the 77% margin from very solid price points delivers more cash profit than the vast majority of products we sell in-store.

The machines gets to temperature in a matter of 15 minutes or so and takes care of itself all day long with very little attention. It’s also well-designed and easy to clean at night. What’s more, the machine is even supplied with enough free stock to cover the cost of the machine, which gets us off to a flyer.

Syrups, cups and straws are easy to order and the machine comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s not surprising that the company has over 2,500 active customers.

We’ll update you in future issues of SLR on how we’re getting on with our new machine so watch this space.

For more information, you can call Snowshock on 0330 053 6132.