Can Man comes to Falkirk

A cuddle from Can Man

Our St Andrew’s Day event coaxed in the customers at Woodlands.

In case you hadn’t heard, AG Barr recently launched its first permanent new line in 35 years in the form of Irn-Bru Xtra. With St Andrew’s Day being one of the more patriotic annual celebrations, it was a no-brainer for Woodlands Local to organise a promotional event around the popular new product.

The slightly chilly November afternoon was brought to life with the attendance of the Irn-Bru Xtra Can Man who entertained our customers – and staff – as he paraded around the store handing out free samples of the new Irn-Bru Xtra.

Not the most dainty of characters, the Can Man managed to knock down half a shelf of cereal before he was gently some shoppers from the street. This proved a winning strategy with people passing by in cars and on foot stopping to look at our orange and blue friend. Irish couple, Harry and Natalie, literally turned their van around to come and share their knowledge with us about Irn-Bru, haggis and all things Scottish.

As it turned out, very few could resist getting a selfie with the Irn-Bru mascot, which helped drive customers to the event promotion, offering one lucky selfie-taker the chance to win a £25 voucher to spend in store. Geordie Reid was the lucky winner after posting his picture to the Woodlands Local Facebook page as he posed beside Paula Clark and the Can Man. Geordie kindly gited his prize to Paula for taking the piccie, gentleman that he is.

Enthusiasm from our shoppers was high in spite of the foreboding clouds overhead, with even the most reserved of our customers donning a shy grin for a photo and a hug or a high five with the Can Man. We were a little concerned for the poor mascot’s wellbeing once the local school let out for the day with the youngsters practically rugby-tackling him to the ground in excitement, but he held his own as the raucous youngsters threw themselves at him.

In perhaps the most touching moment of the day, a local contractor, who earlier deemed himself as having ‘a face for radio’, pulled up again in his van, this time with his son along, to get a snap of the two of them together, which the wee boy told us had made his week.

Our own wee boy, Woodlands’ Manager Gerry Begley, who we couldn’t get to try on the Can Man costume despite our best efforts, said a few words about the big day: “St Andrews Day is important for Scottish retailers and what’s St Andrew’s Day without Irn-Bru? Irn-Bru Xtra has been a big seller for us since day one and we were delighted to actually be the very store in the UK to have Xtra, as SLR readers might recall. Getting the Can Man to come along today has given that bit of extra fun and satisfaction for our customers and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

The day also served as a promotion for Woodlands’ 24 Daily Dynamite Deals in the run up to Christmas, exclusive to Woodlands Local Rewards Club members. Our girls at the till didn’t let up until almost every customer had given over their details to receive access to the month-long promo – which included free beer, hot drinks and newspapers, as well as discounts on various popular products on the shelves.

STG July 2021