Butterkist pops up on screens again

Butterkist popcorn

Butterkist is pumping £1m into an autumn advertising campaign which includes a new TV commercial.

The 10 second ad focuses on the brand’s Toffee and Cinema Sweet sharing bags, and runs from 5th – 18th September and again from 26th September – 9th October. It features a brand new voice over and highlights the Butterkist sharing moment and taste experience.

Based on previous advertising campaign analysis, Butterkist expects the two sharing bags “to fly off the shelves” during the campaign period and it encourages retailers to ensure stock levels are high and placed on feature in preparation for a busy few weeks.

Anjna Mistry, Senior Brand Manager, commented: “Butterkist is synonymous with popcorn and the sharing moment and this campaign is to help consumers recall how much they enjoy and love Butterkist, and that it is a great snack for bringing families and friends together, whatever the occasion.”

The TV ad is part of a wider marketing campaign involving PR, bus shelter advertising (albeit in London), social and digital activity.

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