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Burger King kiosk

Never having set foot inside in a McBurger King, the auld yin was suitably flummoxed by a press release that landed in his inbox recently hailing the arrival of the answer to every obese, salad-dodging Scot’s prayers: a Burger King home self-service ordering kiosk.

Unfortunately – or, perhaps, fortunately – the new bit of kit only appears to be available in Belgium at the minute, which will be a wee weight off Scottish Health Minister Shona Robison’s mind. Here we are worrying about a minimum price for alcohol and a tax on sugar when them pesky Belgians are handing out Burger King kiosks to all and sundry.

Needless to say, UTC remained unimpressed. Mind you, if Gregg’s or Blue Lagoon launched an ordering kiosk, that would be a different matter entirely…

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