Burger bites back

Flame grilling the Amazon

Having been an old hippie back in the 60s, UTC can still get quite hot under the heavily soiled collar of his M&S bri-nylon shirt when it comes to all things environmental.

And not being a fan of Burger King – he’s more of a Gregg’s man – he was quietly tickled to see the US burger chain getting it tight from Greenpeace recently.

The ever-enterprising organisation sent some climbers up Burger King’s flagship restaurant in London’s Leicester Square to unfurl two giant banners denouncing the fast-food giant’s links to Amazon fires and deforestation.

A man with one of the best job titles going – Greenpeace Head of Forests Richard George – said: “The Amazon is still burning, yet Burger King keeps buying meat and animal feed from the companies responsible for the crisis. Their burgers are flame-grilling the Amazon.”

The action comes just a week after Burger King UK’s CEO, Alisdair Murdoch, unwittingly accepted an award from Greenpeace at a restaurant conference in London for flame-grilling the Amazon rainforest.

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