Brooke Bond back for 150th birthday

Brooke Bond tea

Unilever has relaunched Brooke Bond tea, 150 years after the brand was first unveiled in Manchester.

Brooke Bond is available now at RSPs of £1 for 80 teabags and £2 for 160 teabags.

Taking pride in its northern roots, each box of Brooke Bond features a historic map of Manchester on the lid as well as the little red van from previous advertising campaigns.

Fiachra Moloney, Marketing Director Tea for Unilever UK&I, said: “We’ve been in the tea business since the 1800s and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Britons love tea! By re-introducing Brooke Bond, we’re ensuring that tea lovers across the UK can enjoy a quality cup of tea, no matter their budget.

“The relaunch will not only warm the hearts of those who loved Brooke Bond previously, but it will also appeal to a completely new set of tea lovers. We can’t wait to see the iconic red van back on shelves!”