Brewdog breaks world crowdfunding record

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Scottish craft brewery BrewDog, well-known for its history of relying on crowdfunding over traditional means of investment, has broken a world record by reaching £10m via its latest Equity for Punks scheme through the issue of shares and mini-bonds.

BrewDog is currently in its fourth round of the crowdfunding initiative and made waves in the finance world recently with a record-breaking £5m raised in under three weeks. Now in its sixth consecutive year of record growth, BrewDog is offering 526,316 shares for a minimum investment of £95 for two shares.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “Equity for Punks is all about shortening the distance between us and the people who drink our beer, and enabling us to keep putting passion in people’s beer glasses without resorting to begging funding from big monolithic banks who don’t care about the beer. £10m is phenomenal. But we’re not stopping there.”

This latest round of Equity for Punks runs until April 2016. The money raised will fund new bar openings across the globe, including DogHouse in Glasgow. Furthermore, funds raised will enable the launch of a craft distillery and sour beer facility, establish a craft beer hotel and invest in Environmental Technologies.

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