Brew it yourself: Brewdog reveals recipes online

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In what can only be described as a bold move, BrewDog has published all of its recipes online as an “inspiration to the rapidly growing and inclusive craft beer community”.

The collection, aptly-named DIY Dog, contains detailed recipes of over 200 beers, from the original Punk IPA through to BrewDog’s newest headliner, Jet Black Heart. The recipes have all been scaled down to home brew volumes of five gallons or 20 litres.

BrewDog co-founder, James Watt said: “Home brewing is ingrained in our DNA, and is a cornerstone of the craft beer industry. We have always loved the sharing of knowledge, expertise and passion in the craft beer community and we wanted to take that spirit of collaboration to the next level with DIY Dog. The more people that home brew, the more craft breweries will pop up and help us in the fight against global mega beer corporations, making the future brighter for craft beer.”

The publication of the recipes, which Watt described as “the keys to our kingdom”, comes on the eve of Craft Beer Rising, an annual industry gathering where brewers can meet potential trade buyers. Organiser Daniel Rowntree, is expecting 8,000 people to attend the event in London, a huge increase on the 2,500 who were at the launch in 2013.

The interest in craft beer shows no sign of waning. 170 new craft breweries opened in the UK in the last 18 months, and a survey conducted by Mintel in December last year revealed 20% of UK consumers now drink it, accounting for 2.5% of total beer sales.